ResurFACE – Rebright – Remodel

Get that real life filter effect for softer, smoother, brighter skin. 3-Juve offers advanced skin rejuvenation using three highly effective technologies which can be used independently, or combined to form a bespoke treatment plan for your skin. 

Tackling many of the most common signs of aging, our skin rejuvenation treatments will leave you looking and feeling amazing. 

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Fractional laser ablates microscopic holes which produce inflammation and heat into the epidermis (outer layer) that transfers into the dermis (middle layer) to stimulate fibroblasts and initialises a wound healing response.

 As this heals, tissue and collagen stimulation occurs, helping to improve skin texture, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. 

There is downtime of around a week with this treatment. Erythema (reddening of the skin is common for around 24 hours – 3 days & can then feel dry & flaky as the microscopic debris is expelled from the skin.

What can we treat?

  • Acne Scarring
  • Hypertrophic/atrophic scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin texture improvement
  • Congested skin 
  • Fine lines/wrinkles
  • Skin Dyschromia


Radio Frequency stimulates fibroblast cells, causing advanced dermal heating, and triggering new production of collagen and elastin. This lifts and tightens the skin, to improve volume and firmness and give you a more youthful appearance.

What can we treat?

  • Sagging Skin
  • Improving skin firmness
  • Crepe-like skin
  • Jawline lifting


Light is absorbed within the dermis & improves skin texture & tone. Excellent for pigmented & vascular irregularities, general sun damage & overall rejuvenation.

Vascular Lesions

The light applied is absorbed by the vessel, which either instantly collapses & disappears or causes the blood within the vessel to coagulate. This will make the vessel darken & over the following weeks the damaged vessels will then be absorbed naturally by the body leaving little or no trace of the lesion.

What can we treat?

  • Thread veins
  • Cherry angiomas (blood spots) 
  • Rosacea
  • Telangiectasia 
  • Port wine stains 
  • Spider naevi.  

More than one session may be required.

Pigmented Lesions

The heat created by the application of light is absorbed by the pigmented lesion. This creates damage to the cells containing the melanin whilst causing minimal damage to the surrounding skin.

Following the session the damaged lesion will darken & micro-crusting may occur in the following days until it gradually flakes away leaving minimal or no trace of the original mark.

What can we treat?

  • Sun spots
  • Age spots 
  • Freckles

We would not treat melasma, chloasma, moles, hyperpigmentation or anything that looks remotely suspicious.

A few sessions may be required depending on the lesion.

Acne Treatment

Acne is a photo-responsive condition; shorter wavelengths have been shown to destroy the  Propionibacterium Acnes (P. Acnes) bacteria that cause acne. Red and infrared wavelengths directly target the overactive sebaceous glands, only intense pulsed light systems can deliver wavelengths that target both the bacteria and the sebaceous glands.

How it works:

With this treatment you can achieve-

  • Destruction of P Acnes bacteria
  • Collateral damage and shrinkage of sebaceous glands 
  • Reduction in sebum production
  • Pore tightening and collagen stimulation
  • Improvement in discolouration 
  • Small improvement in light acne scarring

Typically 6 treatments are required, spaced every 2-3 weeks, with top ups as and when necessary.


The ILLUMIFACIAL is the ’next generation’ photofacial treatment. Fantastic for skin that has sun damage/vascular lesions present or just generally uneven, dull skin.

A superficial peel is applied to the skin to dislodge the debris of the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface allowing the light from the IPL maximum penetration. The IPL causes the skin to heat up & creates very mild reversible thermal damage to the epidermis. The skin acts to repair this by increasing the rate of collagen & elastin production deep within the dermis. This increases our skin’s elasticity & strength making the skin look softer & smoother. You will also notice a more flawless complexion as this treatment will also reduce pigmentation, broken capillaries & sun damage giving that real life filter effect.

This is a 4 stage treatment:

  • Cleanse

Firstly we carry out a deep double cleanse with specialist formulation to ensure all impurities are removed.

  • Tri-Fruit Acid Peel

Following the deep cleanse, a unique Tri-Fruit acid peel will be applied to your skin. This peel resurfaces & decongests pores ensuring the skin is primed for the next stage.

  • Lynton IPL

Post fruit peel, your skin will be at its optimum condition for the application of the award winning Lynton IPL treatment. This works by stimulating collagen & targeting any discolouration on the skin, for example pigmentation, freckles, vascular irregularities & general redness. In most cases, the results are instant, providing you with dramatically clearer, firmer skin.

  • Hydrate & Protect

To help maximise the results of your Illumifacial, a trio of specialist serums & SPF will be applied to your skin post IPL, helping to soothe, regenerate & protect your skin.

Bespoke Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

When you visit our clinic in Wigan, we will carry out a full consultation to understand your skin concerns, and what you would like to achieve. We will then be able to create a bespoke treatment plan that will give you the best possible results. It’s our goal to give you the skin you want, so you can feel as beautiful as you already are!

We use a range of proven, highly effective treatments to deliver outstanding results, and we will always advise on the best options for your needs.